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Pastor Steve Meier grew up in Manson, IA and graduated from Wartburg College. After about 10 years of working mostly in youth ministry Steve attended Luther Seminary, graduating in 2007. He and his wife Carol, along with Lydia and Paul came to Eagle Lake Lutheran in June of 2007. This is a not so recent picture of Pr. Steve at the end of our motorcycle and classic car ride. He has mostly graduated from riding that blue Yamaha and now rides a Honda more befitting his age. Don't look too closely at the picture. You might notice that he has separate jackets on each shoulder. Long story there. When Pr. Steve isn't pastoring he likes spending time with his family, playing racquetball, golf, and running. He is still trying to figure out what he's supposed to do with his life...hoping he's mostly found it.



We are a congregation that strives to be welcoming and accepting towards all people. We are striving to be and encourage each other to be "followers of Christ." That means that we both look to Jesus Christ as God's living message of grace and acceptance to all people (our savior), and as God's primary means of communicating God's intentions for our lives (our Lord). Therefore we strive to both live in God's grace while also endeavoring to live out the words of Jesus. That starts with the greatest commandment, "Love God with all of your heart, soul, strength, and mind" and the second, "Love your neighbor as yourself." We find guidance for how God means for us to love our neighbor in the way Jesus lived, the things Jesus taught, the stories (parables) Jesus told, and the way he commanded his followers to prioritize living out grace and mercy. We as individuals and as a congregation are certainly a work in progress as we attempt to live into the world God imagines (or the kingdom of God breaking into this earthly kingdom). We invite you and welcome you to come live into this "life" together with us at Eagle Lake Lutheran Church, Willmar, MN.

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