Repent, for the kingdom of
heaven has come near.
Matthew 3:2





















Eagle Lake Lutheran Church
Willmar, Minnesota                     ELCA          
 Pastor  Steve Meier  
1650 60th Avenue  NE                                                                  320.231.3114

Preparing for The Week
Scriptures readings
 From "Christ In Our Home"
Monday, September 8                          1 John 3:11-16

Tuesday, September 9                     Genesis 37:12-36

Wednesday, September 10                 Genesis 45:1-20

Thursday, September 11                  Genesis 50:15-21

Friday, September 12                  Psalm 103:(1-7)8-13
Saturday, September 13                    Romans 14:1-12
Sunday, September 14                   Matthew 18:21-35

Eagle Lake Lutheran

Weekly Announcement

Please get any new information you might have to the church office. Ex. Phone numbers (cell and home), email address, postal address, family members. Sign up for having your picture taken in the narthex.

SEPTEMBER SERVANT GROUP: Group E, Sign up sheets in the narthex.

MEALS ON WHEELS: We need volunteers for the Meals on Wheels, please contact the church or Carmen Clementson.

Eagle Lake Mission Theme

We dedicate ourselves to
Renewing our Faith
in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Involving ourselves in 
His mission and ministry,
and inviting others to
share our Faith and
our Church Home


Eagle Lake Lutheran Church
Week Activities

  September 7 -September 14

Monday:           7:00 PM    AA & Al Anon Meetings
Tuesday:          9:00 AM    Bible Study
                           5:30 PM    Men's Bible Study
Wednesday:    7:00 PM    Choir Rehearsal
Sunday:            8:30 AM    Traditional  Worship
                           9:30 AM     Sunday School
                      10:30 AM    Contemporary Worship
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