Worship Schedule 

9:15am Blended Worship





















Eagle Lake Lutheran Church, ELCA  
1650 60th Ave NE                                                                        320-231-3114
Willmar, Minnesota 56201                                                              ellchurch@msn.com
 Pastor  Steve Meier  

Preparing for The Week
Scriptures readings
 From "Christ In Our Home"

Monday, May 20                             Leviticus 19:9-18  

Tuesday, May 21                                Proverbs 2:9-15

Wednesday, May 22                                  Acts 16:1-8

Thursday, May 23                                   Acts 16:9-15

Friday, May 24                                               Psalm 67

Saturday, May 25                   Revelation 21:10,--22:5

Sunday, May 26                                   John 14:23-29

Eagle Lake Lutheran

Weekly Announcement

JUNE SERVANT GROUPS: Group B Sign up sheets in the narthex.


Eagle Lake Mission Theme

We dedicate ourselves to
Renewing our Faith
in the Lord Jesus Christ,
Involving ourselves in 
His mission and ministry,
and inviting others to
share our Faith and
our Church Home

Eagle Lake Lutheran Church
Week Activities

May 20-May 26

Monday:           7:00 PM    AA & Al Anon Meetings
Tuesday:          9:00 AM    Bible Study                                                          5:45 PM    Bible Study
Wednesday:     7:00 PM    Choir Rehearsal
Sunday:            9:15 AM    Blended Worship


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